Sunday, July 21, 2019

Farmhouse Sign Tutorial

How to make farmhouse signs has been one of my most requested tutorials.  While, this is a pretty easy project, there are a few tips and tricks to make the project go a bit smoother.  Here's what you'll need.
1" thick wood planks.  In this particular tutorial I use 1"x12"x6'
1"x2" Wood Strips
White Chalk Paint
Black Chalk Paint
Wood Stain
Paint roller
Makeup Sponges
2" finishing nails and hammer or nail gun
Dremel Tool with grinder attachment (Optional)
Paint Pen (optional)
Vinyl Stencil and transfer paper or Chalk Couture Stencil and Chalk Paste
Clear Matte Spray Paint (optional)
Paint the 1"x12"x6' board white with the paint roller and then stain the 1"x2" wood strips with the wood stain of your choice.  My favorite stain colors are Briarsmoke and Dark Walnut.
 Now your going to nail the stained wood strips to the top and bottom sides of the white wood plank.
 Make sure it is flush on one end, even if it overhangs the other.
 Use the nail gun to put just enough nails to attach the trim to the plank.  If you don't have nail gun, you can use a hammer and regular nails.
 You can see that both trim pieces are flush with the end on one side and then overhang the other.
 Use the miter saw to cut off the excess trim.
 Sometimes a nail may pop through the back and I use my dremel tool to grind off the piece that is exposed.
 Use your vinyl cutting machine to make the stencil of your choice.  I use Oracal 631 vinyl.
 Weed the letters out of the vinyl.
 Cut transfer paper to the size of your stencil.
 Place the transfer paper on top of the stencil and rub all over it with a plastic card.
 Pull the stencil apart from the backing.
 Place the stencil onto the wooden sign and then rub the card over the top.
 Pull the clear off leaving the black behind.
 Using the makeup wedge go over the stencil with white paint.  This will keep bleed through from happening.
 Allow the white to dry but not too long.  Do not use a hair dryer.
Then go over the stencil using the black paint.  Make sure you are blotting up and down and not swiping the sponge.
 Then peel off all of the black stencil.  No need to wait for it to dry.  I actually get better results while pulling when it's still wet.
 Use a paint pen for touch ups.
 I'm using Chalk Couture Stencils for the other 2 designs.  These are perfect for those who don't have a vinyl cutter.  Separate the green from the backing.
 Then press the green down on the wooden signs.
 Use a squeegee to apply the chalk paste over the stencil.
 Do not allow the paste to dry.
 Pull the stencil off.  Use a small paint brush to do any touch ups.

 Use the saw to cut apart the individual designs.

 Cut Side pieces to fit the sides of the signs.  Since all these are on the same size plank, they will all be the same size.
Use a nail gun or hammer and nails to secure the frames around all edges of the sign.
 Seal with a matte clear coat, if desired.