Tuesday, February 27, 2018

5 Reasons to Stop Focusing All Your Attention on Your Facebook Group

Facebook makes a lot of algorithm changes quite frequently that can and usually do affect how your business page reaches your current and potential customers.  Because of this many business people (including myself) thought I am going to be smart, I am going to make a Facebook group and then it will notify my people every time I post and I won't have to pay a penny for ads!  Genius right?  Well, it worked good for a bit didn't it?  But we are ultimately playing on Facebook's field with Facebook's ball so guess what?  They can change the rules anytime they like and if we want to keep playing, then we have to abide.

So you may have gotten a notification from Facebook recently that said "We're reducing clutter by showing you fewer notifications from some groups."  You may or may not have noticed but Facebook has just been showing the "highlights" from groups for quite sometime, they are just now actually announcing it to you!  Because of this, in addition to other reasons, I have been recommending for some time now that business owner's not rely solely on their Facebook group to advertise and connect with their current and potential customers, but instead use a Facebook business page as your main way to interact with your customers.  You should also have another website that is completely yours too, just in case, but that's a whole other topic for another day:)

So without further ado, here is how ONLY having a Facebook group or devoting ALL your attention to it is holding back your business.

#1  Some of the members in your group may not even want to be there, depending on how you chose to grow your group.  I see a lot of people do a prize to the person that adds the most people to the group.  I have also done this for my group, but guess what it is wrong and you should not do it!  Most of those people may not even want to be there and are very resentful of being added without their consent and will possibly hold that grudge against your business and not buy from you later on and please, please do not add people back after they leave. 

#2  You can't target who you want to add to your group like you can with a Facebook page.  Facebook has many options to target your audience as far as who can see and find your page with Business pages.

#3  You can't run ads in a Facebook group.  You may be thinking "Well, duh that's the whole reason I started a group because I did not want to spend money on ads!"  Then how are new people finding you?  Unless you are doing #1, which is a NO, then they probably aren't.  Running ads lets you target the exact audience that would be interested in buying your product and leads them right to your page.  Now that Facebook is not showing all the posts you post to all the members of the group, then how are you getting them to be seen?  When this happens on a Facebook page you can run an add to get your content seen, when you have a group, your hands are tied.

#4  If you have a closed or secret group your content can not be shared with those outside of the group.

#5  Facebook Lives.  Facebook Lives are amazing for extending the reach of your brand without running ads, but when you do a Live in a group, then it can only go as far as the members of the group, when you do them on your page, it has the potential to reach anyone and everyone.  Do the lives on your page and share them to your group.  This gives you the potential to grow vs. just staying where you are.

With all this being said, I still LOVE groups and I think they are totally valuable and relevant, but you must have a Facebook page as your primary landing place for your customers.  Link that group to your page and you will have the best of both worlds!

I hope this was helpful insight to some of you business owners out there!  And if you would love more insight on how to Foster Success in your business we would love to see you in my business coaching group.  You can find more info on it here:  http://www.amberfostercreativity.com/p/foster-success-small-business-resources.html

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