Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fireplace Facelift

I just had to give our fireplace a little face lift before Christmas came!  This is a super simple project you can easily complete in 1/2 a day!  Here's what you'll need.  An affiliate link has been provided for some of the products that I absolutely could not have completed this project without.

*White Paint
*Paint Brush
*Painter's tape with dispenser
*Heat Safe Spray Paint

As you can see, this girl is in all her original 1984 glory.

 The first thing I did was used my handy dandy tape dispenser to mask off all of the glass and tape paper around the edge of the insert.  I then used heat safe spray paint (link to this product can be found above) the spray paint the brass insert black.
 After that dried, I removed all of the tape and painted the mantle white.  You can sand it if you like.  I didn't.  I then took some of the left over white paint and watered it down a little to create a white wash for the brick.  Here is a video on that process:
Ta Da!  Quick, easy, inexpensive and sooo much better!  Let me know which you liked better in the comments.  The before or after?

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