Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fireplace Facelift

I just had to give our fireplace a little face lift before Christmas came!  This is a super simple project you can easily complete in 1/2 a day!  Here's what you'll need.  An affiliate link has been provided for some of the products that I absolutely could not have completed this project without.

*White Paint
*Paint Brush
*Painter's tape with dispenser
*Heat Safe Spray Paint

As you can see, this girl is in all her original 1984 glory.

 The first thing I did was used my handy dandy tape dispenser to mask off all of the glass and tape paper around the edge of the insert.  I then used heat safe spray paint (link to this product can be found above) the spray paint the brass insert black.
 After that dried, I removed all of the tape and painted the mantle white.  You can sand it if you like.  I didn't.  I then took some of the left over white paint and watered it down a little to create a white wash for the brick.  Here is a video on that process:
Ta Da!  Quick, easy, inexpensive and sooo much better!  Let me know which you liked better in the comments.  The before or after?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DIY Farmhouse Sign

This project is the perfect DIY for a quick and easy gift or as for decor for your own home.
 You will need the following:
A piece of wood-I used about a 12x12 piece
A piece of burlap
A wooden letter-I used a 10" letter
Upholstery Tacks
Wood Glue
 Paint your letter the color of your choice.
 Paint your board the color of your choice and allow to dry completely.
 For an antiqued look cover the board in a stain from the brown family.
 Immediately wipe off all of the excess stain with a clean dry rag.
 Cut a square of burlap about 1-2 inches smaller than your board (on all sides) and pull a string on each side to fray the burlap.
 Brush wood glue onto the board.
 Spread the glue to about the size of the square of burlap.
 Press the burlap square onto the wood glue.
 Put glue onto the back of the wooden letter.
 Glue the letter onto the burlap.
Nail Upholstery tacks into each corner and your all finished!