Sunday, November 26, 2017

Rudolph Keepsake Hand print Ornament

This has been a Christmas favorite for years!  I can't even count for you how many of these I have made for my students over the years when I was teaching.  Here is what you need to make them for your littles.
Shatterproof Clear Ornament
Brown Glitter
Mop and Glow
Brown Craft Foam
Buttons or Googly eyes
Red PomPon
Hot Glue
Ornament Hanger/ribbon
Start by taking the top off of the ornaments and squirting some Mop and Glow inside, swirl it around and then pour out the excess.  Pour in about a tablespoon of brown glitter, put the cap back on and shake until the interior of the ornament is covered.  Hot glue eyes and nose on the front.  Trace child's hand on craft foam and cut out and hot glue to the back.  Attach ornament hanger and ribbon and your all set!  Below is the video of the whole process!

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