Tuesday, October 31, 2017

DIY Wooden Sleigh

I bought a vintage wooden sleigh at a garage sale last year.  EVERYONE wanted me to start looking for them one and it was of course impossible to find one for them all.  Therefore, I decided I would just start building them!  Now you can build one too!

All you need is....
3, 1"x4"x8' pieces of wood
Red paint
Wood Stain
Tape Measure
Wood Glue
Nail gun or hammer and nails
Miter Saw

Start by cutting the first piece of wood directly in half and cutting the ends at a 45 degree angle for the 2 runners.
Next, cut the support braces.  Two straight pieces 13" long each.
Also, cut one more straight piece of wood 18" wrong for the top cross bar.
Prepare the top part of the sled by cutting 3 pieces of wood.  One 33" piece and Two 30" pieces.  Cute 45 degree angles on both ends of the 30" pieces in opposite directions.
Cut dog ears on all corners of the 33" piece.
Paint both of the running boards red, or whatever color you choose.
Stain all of the other pieces the same color, or paint them if you like.
Now, it's time to start assembling the sled.  Place the two runners down flat on the table and lay the 13" support beams across the top.  Secure them with wood glue and nails.  
The attach the crossbar to the top by the same method.
Lastly secure the seat of the sleigh again with wood glue and nails.  Put the longer piece in the middle and the two shorter pieces on the side.
For a nice finishing touch you can stencil on a design, attach a wreath or hang an old pair of ice skates.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Gobble, Gobble!

I LOVE turkeys!  AND I love to decorate with turkeys for Thanksgiving! I mean aren't they just the cutest!?
Here's what you need to make this cute little gobbler for yourself:
1 Wooden circle, for the body, cutout from Home Depot or Lowes
1, 1x4 cut into 20" pieces, for the feathers, your last piece will only be about 16 inches and that's ok! 
2, 2x6x6 squares for the hat and kick stand
1, 2x5x10 rectangle, neck/head
1, 1x2x9 furring strip for the hat brim
1, 3 inch triangle for the beak
Dark walnut stain
Mod Podge
Nails and Hammer
Black and Yellow Paint
5 Prints of fabric 1/4 yard each
1 square of red felt
paint brushes
wood glue
2 big black buttons for eyes
(optional) staple gun

This is the fabric I chose.  I got 1/4 yard of each from Hobby Lobby.
Start by Mod Podging the fabric to each 1/4 board for the feathers.  Apply Mod Podge to the board.

 Put the fabric on top of the board.
 Flip the board over and either trim the excess or fold it over and staple it with the staple gun.
 Then put more Mod Podge over the top of the fabric.
 Stain the wooden circle and the long rectange dark walnut.
 Be sure to wear the gloves and use a rag to spread the stain evenly.
 Paint one of the squares black.
 Paint your triangle yellow.
 Arrange your feathers on the back of the circle and nail them in.
 Glue the head and hat to the front with wood glue.
 Cut out your gobble from the red felt and glue it and the beak and the button eyes on.
 Put some glue on the other square, the kickstand and glue it to the back. 
 I also attached a little scrap of fabric for his hat with the Mod Podge and then allow everything to dry before you stand him up!
 Ta da!  Watch me demo this project live on Hometalk's facebook page, Monday, October 30 at 2pm!

Monday, October 16, 2017

DIY Crayon Party Favors

I wanted to do at least one treat this year that was not candy!  These Halloween shaped crayons were my solution and turned out too cute!
Materials Needed:
Electric Skillet or Large skillet and stove
empty tin cans (1 for every color crayon you wish to use)
Crayons (I used 50 crayons, 10 of each color)
Big bowl of warm water
Silicon or plastic candy molds
Treat Bags

Start by taking all of the paper off of the crayons.  The first time I did this I slit the paper on each and ever crayon with a razor blade and it took FOREVER and I hated every second of it!  Then I did some research and found that if you soak the crayons in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes they literally unwrap themselves!

Next put your tin cans in the skillet of your choice.  Make sure you have a little bit of water in the bottom of the skillet.  Not too much or the cans will float.
Put your crayons into the cans and watch them melt.  This part happens rather quickly.  You may need to swirl the cans a bit to insure even melting.  Be sure to wear a pot holder when handling the cans.  They may be hot.
Next is the really fun part.  Pour your melted crayons into your molds.

Some of my molds had some glitter stuck in them from who knows what and i really love how they turned out!  I may sprinkle a little in the molds on purpose next time!

I let them harden about 30 minutes, however you could pop them in the freezer for faster hardening.  After they have hardened, gently pop them out.
I then put 2-3 crayons in a sack and stapled on my cute little labels.
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Trick-or-Treat Tree

I actually made this tree last year and I had so many requests for more, that I thought I would share with yall how I made it!
I started with my favorite spray paint and an old dingy, white pre-lit tree.  I was worried about the lights being covered up too much by the spray paint and not shining through, but it wasn't a problem.

I painted the bottom orange first.  I went branch by branch and spread them out as I went.  The spray paint covered really well.
I then painted the middle yellow and the top white, which was a little trickier because they didn't stand up on their own.

I stacked each piece to dry after painting.

I set it in a galvanized tub and added some decoration.  Trick-or-treat!