Wednesday, March 1, 2017

DIY St. Patrick's Day Throw Pillows

I had no luck at all when I was searching for some St. Patrick's Day throw pillows for my front porch rockers.  So, what do you do when you can't find it?  Make it!

I started with some linen colored pillow covers from Hobby Lobby.  A lot of times you can find these on sale.  I already have the pillow inserts that I reuse for each holiday, but if you don't already have those, then don't forget to grab the.  You will also need a piece of cardboard cut a little smaller than your pillow cover so it will fit inside to keep the fabric from sticking together, a pencil, foam brush, a clover template (I suggest googling "clover template" and just print one out you like and cut it out.) OPTIONAL:  Green glitter, and Mod Podge or a clear fabric paint.

Start by tracing your clover shape onto the pillow cover using a pencil.

Get your paint ready and slide the cardboard inside your pillow cover.

Then paint in the clover with the green fabric paint.  It takes two coats.
Stop here if you want your pillow to remain washable.  If you don't mind not having a washable pillow, then proceed.
I knew I wanted glitter on my clover and I forgot to look for either clear fabric paint/gel to mix glitter into or fabric paint with glitter already in it.  So, I just mixed glitter into some Mod Podge I already had on hand.

I then sponged it onto the clover using the same brush.  I didn't even wash the green off of it.

This is the finished product!

I love them!

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