Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fireplace Facelift

I just had to give our fireplace a little face lift before Christmas came!  This is a super simple project you can easily complete in 1/2 a day!  Here's what you'll need.  An affiliate link has been provided for some of the products that I absolutely could not have completed this project without.

*White Paint
*Paint Brush
*Painter's tape with dispenser
*Heat Safe Spray Paint

As you can see, this girl is in all her original 1984 glory.

 The first thing I did was used my handy dandy tape dispenser to mask off all of the glass and tape paper around the edge of the insert.  I then used heat safe spray paint (link to this product can be found above) the spray paint the brass insert black.
 After that dried, I removed all of the tape and painted the mantle white.  You can sand it if you like.  I didn't.  I then took some of the left over white paint and watered it down a little to create a white wash for the brick.  Here is a video on that process:
Ta Da!  Quick, easy, inexpensive and sooo much better!  Let me know which you liked better in the comments.  The before or after?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DIY Farmhouse Sign

This project is the perfect DIY for a quick and easy gift or as for decor for your own home.
 You will need the following:
A piece of wood-I used about a 12x12 piece
A piece of burlap
A wooden letter-I used a 10" letter
Upholstery Tacks
Wood Glue
 Paint your letter the color of your choice.
 Paint your board the color of your choice and allow to dry completely.
 For an antiqued look cover the board in a stain from the brown family.
 Immediately wipe off all of the excess stain with a clean dry rag.
 Cut a square of burlap about 1-2 inches smaller than your board (on all sides) and pull a string on each side to fray the burlap.
 Brush wood glue onto the board.
 Spread the glue to about the size of the square of burlap.
 Press the burlap square onto the wood glue.
 Put glue onto the back of the wooden letter.
 Glue the letter onto the burlap.
Nail Upholstery tacks into each corner and your all finished!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

DIY Wooden Nativity Blocks

You will love this amazing primitive farmhouse nativity scene!  And you can totally DIY it!  No vinyl cutter needed!
First print off the templates by Lori Whitlock onto light weight cardstock.
 Next, cut out each of the rectangles inside of the black line, so that the line doesn't show.
 They should look like this after they are cut out.
 Now it's time to cut the wood.  If you don't have a saw, usually the hardware store will make the cuts for you.  All cuts were made from a single 2x4.  You will need...
 11, 5 1/2 inch pieces
1, 4 1/2 inch piece
2, 2 1/2 inch pieces
1, 15 inch piece
 Spray paint all sides of all pieces white.
 Then brush Mod Podge on the blocks one by one and lay the print outs on top of the Mod Podge.  Be sure and just do a very thin layer of the Mod Podge or the print outs will wrinkle.
 Allow the bottom layer of Mod Podge to dry and then brush another coat or two over the top of the print outs and let dry completely.
 After the Mod Podge has dried sand the edges of the blocks and along the edges of the print outs where the paper meets the block.  This will give them the primitive look and not make it look like you glued a piece of paper to a block ;)
 Now time for the antiquing.  I used a dark walnut stain, but any brown or black stain you have on hand will work.  Lightly rub some of the stain on the face of the blocks and then take a clean rag and rub off the excess.  This will give the block its antique look.
 And there you have it!  A perfectly primitive set of farmhouse nativity scene blocks!  No vinyl cutter needed!
Thank you so much to Lori Whitlock for collaborating with me on the project!  She has the cutest SVG files for those of you who like to craft with a vinyl cutter.  And for those of you who don't have a vinyl cutter she made a set of printable nativity cards specifically for this project!  All you have to do is print them out.  You can get the HERE.
For those of you who prefer to use your vinyl cutter, here are the SVG files for this design.  You can get them HERE.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday Faves!

Is everyone having so much fun online shopping today?! Here are 10 things your kids probably don't have on their Christmas list, but will love anyway! I have rounded up some of the best and most fun arts and crafts products for the kiddos this year! Honestly, my kids get the most enjoyment out of stuff like this vs. regular toys. Affiliate links for your convenience:)

Shrinky Dinks are amazing!  My kids LOVE them!

I loved doing origami as a kid!  So fun and kept me busy for hours!

Who doesn't love Spirograph?

Had a Lite Brite as a kid and LOVED it!
Below you will find the beloved scented markers.  A wooden loom.  We haven't had one of these before, but I think Elijah would love it!  Play-Doh always keeps the kids entertained.  Water Wow pads are perfect for the car, doctor's office or anywhere for that matter!  I already bought both of my kids their own crayola kit.  I love that all the stuff has a place so maybe they will actually put it away.  And last but not least the magnet tiles.  Elijah plays with these at school and they are his favorite.

Now, that you are done shopping for the kids, but yourself a bow maker.  You deserve it:)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Rudolph Keepsake Hand print Ornament

This has been a Christmas favorite for years!  I can't even count for you how many of these I have made for my students over the years when I was teaching.  Here is what you need to make them for your littles.
Shatterproof Clear Ornament
Brown Glitter
Mop and Glow
Brown Craft Foam
Buttons or Googly eyes
Red PomPon
Hot Glue
Ornament Hanger/ribbon
Start by taking the top off of the ornaments and squirting some Mop and Glow inside, swirl it around and then pour out the excess.  Pour in about a tablespoon of brown glitter, put the cap back on and shake until the interior of the ornament is covered.  Hot glue eyes and nose on the front.  Trace child's hand on craft foam and cut out and hot glue to the back.  Attach ornament hanger and ribbon and your all set!  Below is the video of the whole process!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

DIY Wooden Sleigh

I bought a vintage wooden sleigh at a garage sale last year.  EVERYONE wanted me to start looking for them one and it was of course impossible to find one for them all.  Therefore, I decided I would just start building them!  Now you can build one too!

All you need is....
3, 1"x4"x8' pieces of wood
Red paint
Wood Stain
Tape Measure
Wood Glue
Nail gun or hammer and nails
Miter Saw

Start by cutting the first piece of wood directly in half and cutting the ends at a 45 degree angle for the 2 runners.
Next, cut the support braces.  Two straight pieces 13" long each.
Also, cut one more straight piece of wood 18" wrong for the top cross bar.
Prepare the top part of the sled by cutting 3 pieces of wood.  One 33" piece and Two 30" pieces.  Cute 45 degree angles on both ends of the 30" pieces in opposite directions.
Cut dog ears on all corners of the 33" piece.
Paint both of the running boards red, or whatever color you choose.
Stain all of the other pieces the same color, or paint them if you like.
Now, it's time to start assembling the sled.  Place the two runners down flat on the table and lay the 13" support beams across the top.  Secure them with wood glue and nails.  
The attach the crossbar to the top by the same method.
Lastly secure the seat of the sleigh again with wood glue and nails.  Put the longer piece in the middle and the two shorter pieces on the side.
For a nice finishing touch you can stencil on a design, attach a wreath or hang an old pair of ice skates.