Sunday, August 7, 2016

Quick, Last Minute Back-to-School Ideas

I know we usually have the best intentions of making some super cute elaborate Pinterest back-to-school projects, but sometimes life gets in the way and time gets away from us!  Here are a couple back-to-school ideas (for student and teacher) that you can complete very quickly and easily!  You can even do these the night before school starts if you are a master procrastinator like me!

First, a gift for teacher!  We all know it's a good idea to bring a gift for teacher on the first day!  After all she is taking little Precious off of our hands for a good 7 hours a day!  An apple is customary, but let me tell you what this person really wants is CHOCOLATE!  Make these super simple gift bags and fill them with some chocolate snacks to help keep you child on the "good" list!

I started off with some plain red sacks.  One is more like a gift bag and the other more like a lunch sack.  I added some green paper leaves and some raffia, filled with candy and you are all good to go!

Next, is a super cute photo prop for Precious to use on their first day back-to-school!  All you need for this project is a black piece of poster board or foam board, some round sticker labels, colored construction or scrap book paper, and some chalk and glue.  You also need to print out the following printables that can be found here:  FIRST DAY  OF SCHO  OL AGE:  GRADE AGE TEACHER  WANT TO BE, WEIGHT, FOOD:  ACTIVITY  HEIGHT FAVORITE FOOD
Some of these are duplicates, but you may want to position your differently so that will give you some options.  Also, be sure to print in LANDSCAPE format!

Just glue it all together and you are all set!

You can also view of a video for full instruction if you need to here:

I hope this helps some of you last minute mommas out before your first day of school!  And, please feel free to share pictures of your precious with their first day of school props!  I hope everyone has a happy first day!

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