Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wooden Firecracker DIY Tutorial

I have had several requests for a wooden fire cracker tutorial, so here it is!  Please, let me know if you make these and how they turn out!  First you need to purchase a round 8 foot fence post.  I then cut the fence post into 3 sections.  The first sections needs to be 36 inches, the second 30 inches and the third 24 inches.  You will have about 6 inches left over.  I used a circular saw to cut my post.  The post is too wide to cut in one pass.  Cut one side and then flip it over and cut it again.  After, you get your pieces cut now its time to paint!
I used blue painter's tape to tape off the top section of the posts that will be painted blue.  Then, I did paint the top section blue. 
I then removed the painter's tape and painted the bottom half white.  I just free handed the bottom half, but you could use the painter's tape again to separate the white from getting on the blue.
Next, I used the painter's tape to evenly tape four vertical stripes down the post and around the bottom of the blue(after the white paint has dried).  Then I painted on the red paint.

After the red paint dried, I removed all of the painter's tape and began to prepare the rope to attach for the "wicks."  I used thick rope from the hardware section at Lowes.  I had them cut me a 1 foot section and then I used garden sheers to cut 3, 4 inch pieces at home.

The next step was to nail a small nail into the top of each post and apply a glob of "Gorilla Glue" around each nail.
I then slid the rope over the nails and then propped the rope up against the wall until dry.
While those were drying I spray painted my small wooden stars white.  You can find these at just about any craft store.
After the rope wicks had dried I did any touching up that was needed and waited for that to dry.  Once everything was dry I then laid each post flat on the table and glued each wooden star in place.
After, those finished drying, then you are all set!  Happy Fourth of July!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Patriotic Porch Makeover: Before and After

I have unfortunately gotten a little behind on the remodeling process in the house, but I have gotten a lot accomplished in my shop and some outside areas of the house!  The first thing I want to show you is our porch.  It didn't take a lot of work to bring our porch up to where I wanted it, but the few little changes we make, have made a big difference.  Here is what it looked like before I made any changes.
 This shows the full view of the front of our house taken from the cute little bridge that sits out front.  The biggest change that was made to the porch was taking out the HUGE wheelchair ramp and handrail that was in front of the house. 
 Here you can see the faded paint on the porch and the empty flower beds.
It had a very basic glass storm door and the security door was brown.  Now, for the after:

The wheelchair ramp is now gone along with the accompanying hand rail.  The whole porch received a new coat of Olympic Antique Gray paint which the kids have already put their mark on with the sidewalk chalk.  We also filled in the flower beds with new shrubbery and flowers.

The next most noticeable transformation is definitely the door.  I replaced the glass storm door with a vinyl screen door and painted the security door a charcoal gray color.  I really need to find a door mat!

I also added some white wooden rocking chairs and a white wooden side table perfect for displaying seasonal décor.

You can find the tutorial for these super cute wooden fire crackers HERE

Finally, I added some fun Patriotic décor to go with the current season we are in!  I am so excited about how it turned out and people actually slow down to look at it as they drive past!  Every time I come home, it helps to keep me motivated to keep pushing forward on the projects I have going in the house.  If you want to see more than just the pictures, I have uploaded before and after videos here: 


SOURCE LIST:  Wreath, Patriotic Shutter, Standing Wooden Firecrackers, Patriotic Luminaria Mason Jars by Amber Foster at Foster Creativity

Patriotic Bunting, "Land of the Free" wooden sign, metal pinwheels, flags from Hobby Lobby

Flag Pillows from JoAnn Fabrics

Wooden Porch Rockers and screen door from Lowes