Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

Last year on Black Friday I bought an amazing 7.5 foot pre-lit Christmas tree for $69.  The tree is great and absolutely nothing wrong with it, but this year I wanted a flocked tree!  If you don't know what a flocked tree is, its one of those beautiful snowy white trees.  Even though I got an awesome deal on my tree last year, I just could not justify buying a new tree just for the snow.  So, I did a little research and decided to give it a shot myself!

Here's what my tree looked like before I started.   I gave it a good fluff and assembled it in the garage. You want to do it in an area that allows easy clean up or outside.
There aren't many materials required for flocking a tree.  I ordered Sno-Flock brand flocking online and the bought a sieve, mask and a water sprayer.  The first step is to make sure your tree is unplugged and then generously spray it down with water.  The water allows the flocking to stick to the tree.  Then I used a step-ladder to start at the top of the tree and sift the flocking over the tree, working my way towards the bottom.  The directions suggested spraying the flocking as it was sifted on to the tree, but I obviously wasn't coordinated enough for that so I just sifted in on at this stage.

After I generously coated as many branches as I could, I then sprayed the whole tree again with water.  Water activates the flocking and bonds it to the tree.  I was already loving the look of my tree, but it still didn't quite have the "look" I was after.  I needed to fill in a few spots in between branches etc. so I lightly added in a coat of cheap white spray paint through the tree.  I then gave it another spray of water, another sifting of flock, another spray down and then I gave it a good sprinkle of glitter all over!

This is the final product before any decoration.

I'm sure many of you are wondering how the flocking stayed on the tree from the transfer from the garage to the living room.  It actually stayed on pretty well.  There was of course some flaking off, but it stayed pretty well for the most part.  I however, don't think this tree will be making it back into the box this year.  I will probably just have to carry it to the shop and place a drop cloth over it until next year. 

All in all I am very pleased with my new tree and saved a ton of money flocking it myself vs. buying a whole new tree!  It was very easy and I'm glad I did it.  Here is the final product all decorated up and I love it!


If you want to watch the videos of the whole crazy process, then here they are!

Sunday, October 30, 2016


2016 Halloween Porchscape

Happy Halloween from my family to yours!

Source List:
Foster Creativity:
Witch Wreath
Standing Witch
Standing Skeleton
Candy Corn Topiaries
Trick-or-Treat Signs
Candy Corn Banner
Candy Corn Planter
Skeleton Cat
"BOO" Marquee Letters

At Home:
Door Mat

Home Depot:
Throw pillows

Rocking Chairs

Pumpkin Planters

Dollar Tree:
Hanging Bats

Five Below:

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Go, Team, Go!

No matter what team you are rooting for this football season, this easy DIY doormat will make a perfect addition to you porch décor!  First we start with AstroTurf!  I bought 2 feet from Lowes off of the big roles in the back where they keep the carpet.
Other materials I used were: white acrylic paint, paint brush, scissors, painter's tape, ruler, and stencils.
I started off by cutting the AstroTurf into a 2x3 foot section.  Then I folded the piece in half to make a crease in order to find the center.
I then taped off about 1 inch wide lines up and down in the center, and then halfway through the left and right sides and a small strip on the edge.  I then placed one of the stencil blanks in the dead center and ran a strip of tape across the top and bottom of the blank the width of the mat.
I then dabbed paint in between the taped lines and stenciled on the letters and numbers.  I did make the mistake of not stenciling the numbers as close to the lines as I would have liked in this particular example, but I still love how it turned out!
I just love how cute the finished product turned out!

You can view the full video tutorial here:  Facebook Live Doormat DIY Video

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Quick, Last Minute Back-to-School Ideas

I know we usually have the best intentions of making some super cute elaborate Pinterest back-to-school projects, but sometimes life gets in the way and time gets away from us!  Here are a couple back-to-school ideas (for student and teacher) that you can complete very quickly and easily!  You can even do these the night before school starts if you are a master procrastinator like me!

First, a gift for teacher!  We all know it's a good idea to bring a gift for teacher on the first day!  After all she is taking little Precious off of our hands for a good 7 hours a day!  An apple is customary, but let me tell you what this person really wants is CHOCOLATE!  Make these super simple gift bags and fill them with some chocolate snacks to help keep you child on the "good" list!

I started off with some plain red sacks.  One is more like a gift bag and the other more like a lunch sack.  I added some green paper leaves and some raffia, filled with candy and you are all good to go!

Next, is a super cute photo prop for Precious to use on their first day back-to-school!  All you need for this project is a black piece of poster board or foam board, some round sticker labels, colored construction or scrap book paper, and some chalk and glue.  You also need to print out the following printables that can be found here:  FIRST DAY  OF SCHO  OL AGE:  GRADE AGE TEACHER  WANT TO BE, WEIGHT, FOOD:  ACTIVITY  HEIGHT FAVORITE FOOD
Some of these are duplicates, but you may want to position your differently so that will give you some options.  Also, be sure to print in LANDSCAPE format!

Just glue it all together and you are all set!

You can also view of a video for full instruction if you need to here:

I hope this helps some of you last minute mommas out before your first day of school!  And, please feel free to share pictures of your precious with their first day of school props!  I hope everyone has a happy first day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Fun Porchscape

I had good intentions of leaving my Patriotic décor up until after Labor Day, but I really needed something new out!  I absolutely love my bright and fun Summer Porchscape.  Maybe I can manage to leave this up until its time to put out the Halloween décor!

If you are looking for a change up to last you until Halloween/Fall season, then hopefully this will give you some cheerful inspiration!

Source List: 
"Summer" Wreath, "Welcome" Sign, "Foster" Monogram, Flamingo plant stake-all by Foster Creativity

Topiaries-Big Lots

Chevron Pillow Covers, metal chameleon, flamingo led lights, watering can flower pots, flower bed pinwheels-Hobby Lobby

"Hello Summer" Sign-Joann Fabrics

Metal flower pots-Dollar Tree

White wooden rockers, door mat-Lowes

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wooden Firecracker DIY Tutorial

I have had several requests for a wooden fire cracker tutorial, so here it is!  Please, let me know if you make these and how they turn out!  First you need to purchase a round 8 foot fence post.  I then cut the fence post into 3 sections.  The first sections needs to be 36 inches, the second 30 inches and the third 24 inches.  You will have about 6 inches left over.  I used a circular saw to cut my post.  The post is too wide to cut in one pass.  Cut one side and then flip it over and cut it again.  After, you get your pieces cut now its time to paint!
I used blue painter's tape to tape off the top section of the posts that will be painted blue.  Then, I did paint the top section blue. 
I then removed the painter's tape and painted the bottom half white.  I just free handed the bottom half, but you could use the painter's tape again to separate the white from getting on the blue.
Next, I used the painter's tape to evenly tape four vertical stripes down the post and around the bottom of the blue(after the white paint has dried).  Then I painted on the red paint.

After the red paint dried, I removed all of the painter's tape and began to prepare the rope to attach for the "wicks."  I used thick rope from the hardware section at Lowes.  I had them cut me a 1 foot section and then I used garden sheers to cut 3, 4 inch pieces at home.

The next step was to nail a small nail into the top of each post and apply a glob of "Gorilla Glue" around each nail.
I then slid the rope over the nails and then propped the rope up against the wall until dry.
While those were drying I spray painted my small wooden stars white.  You can find these at just about any craft store.
After the rope wicks had dried I did any touching up that was needed and waited for that to dry.  Once everything was dry I then laid each post flat on the table and glued each wooden star in place.
After, those finished drying, then you are all set!  Happy Fourth of July!