Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Toddler Tuesday: Firework Painting

I am hoping to try out a new segment to my blog called "Toddler Tuesday."  One of my main goals at home and on my blog is to foster creativity in my children and help you do the same with yours!  Tonight we tried out an activity I found on Pinterest and Elijah LOVED it!   I must also say older kids would love it too because our 9 year old neighbor came over while he was painting and jumped right in!  You don't need many supplies for this particular activity: 

Toilet paper rolls, paint, paper, paper plates, and something to cover your table with should be all you need.
Just cut the ends of your toilet paper rolls and fan them out.
I covered my table with some old wrapping paper I had so I could just wad it up and put it into the trash when I was done.  I gave him 3 different colors of paint, one for each toilet paper tube and some black paper, although any color would be fine.  Can you tell how excited he is!?
Then, all you do is dip your toilet paper tube into the paint and then press it onto the paper! 
Here is the finished product!  He loved this activity so much he did 5 or 6 sheets of paper before he tired of it.  It would also be fun to add glitter or those little star stickers to your finished products.

Hope your little ones enjoy making their own firework art as much as mine did! 

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