Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's A....

When I had my first child Pinterest had yet to become the phenomenon it is today, so when we found out we were expecting our second child (and most likely the last) I knew I wanted to have a gender reveal party.
I wanted to create a cute, fun party, but we were on a pretty tight budget so I tried to use things I could either make or already had available.  We did splurge a little by having the food catered, but the rest I did myself to try and save as much as possible.
I created some cute invites in Photo Shop.
 Above is the setup I did for the dessert table.  The backdrop is made up of a set of lace curtains I had on hand along with a garage sale find mirror that I revamped into a chalkboard, topped off with some pink and blue balloons threaded onto some fishing line.  I then tied some tissue balls from Hobby Lobby onto the fishing line as well.  The table is actually an old red dresser I have used for other parties I have done, but since red didn't match I sewed some burlap together to make a cover.  The banner is just different patterns of pink and blue craft paper cut and taped onto a pink ribbon.

I obviously hand wrote my chalkboard art.  I wish I would have started sooner and taken a little more time with it, but I waited until the day of the party and I was in a hurry and it pretty much looks terrible!  However, it did the job of conveying my theme, since Elijah had nicknamed the baby "Baby Cupcake" from the time he found out I was expecting.

I found the cute pink and blue cups for the cupcakes from Hobby Lobby and plated them on Dollar Store trays that I already had.  I filled by candy jars with pink and blue Cotton Candy, butter mints, and pastel M and M's.

I thought it would be fun for everyone to make a prediction about the gender.  I painted a canvas with chalkboard paint for guest to write their votes on.

Party favors were Hershey's bars with "He" or "She" colored in.
For the big reveal I cut apart a moving box and turned it inside out so that the pre-printed writing would not show.  I then decorated it with chalkboard and acrylic paints.  My best friend filled the box with the appropriate colored balloons and we hung it from a tree in the front yard.
It was finally time for the big reveal and Elijah got to pull the string to open the box and.....
It's a GIRL!  We are so blessed to get to have one of each!
If you are expecting, I so encourage you to throw your own gender reveal party!  It is the most exciting party I have ever thrown.  It doesn't have to be extravagant to be fun and exciting.  Most all of this was put together the day of the party and we had a fantastic time!

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